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Who are us.

We care about your business. Just like you do.

Our Story:

We joined hands for a purpose - to help entrepreneurs and SME’s turn their dreams to reality. We turn complex ideas to simple achievable goals. We are here to solve your business problems, digitally and strategically.
Our “quriousness” to your benefit.

Three individuals. Infinite solutions.

  • PORTRAITNAME Delna Prakashan
    Cheif Strategist
    L I
  • PORTRAITNAME Shashank Sridharan
    Chief Artist
    L I
  • PORTRAITNAME Varun Dhanwantri
    Chief Code Poet
    F L

Fine print: We’d like to think of ourselves as just three individuals behind all that hard work. The truth however is that we work as a community and in a network to access the best resource to develop your idea.

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We solve problems

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